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From a social perspective, the Primary Education teacher, has the function of educating children in a basic stage and therefore, becomes a key element to the development of our country. According to the document Principles for the training and professional competences related to the teaching activity, prepared by the European Commission, people involved in Education play a crucial role as promoters and counselors of the learning experiences of the individuals, moreover they have an essential function in the educational systems evolution. So, the teachers are indispensable agents to guarantee the success of the educational reform aimed and creating the European Knowledge Society. The Primary Education Teacher Training Degree is therefore a key resource towards a knowledge society that guarantees the social and economic development.

In the classrooms of Primary Education, children will get along with different personal, familiar and social histories, with different ways of learning and different ways of growing. We intend that graduated on this Degree know how identify the different baseline and educational needs and development of every children, and to adapt to the different individual paces, providing customized help and support for each child, as well as creating contexts of collaborative learning in the classroom so that the whole group learn, make progress and develops a feel of belonging.

Primary Education Teacher Training curriculum includes come several theoretical perspectives, a wide range of academic disciplines with significant room for the innovation and educational research. This entails that higher education studies and particularly Primary Education Training Degree, evolves into a multidisciplinary area which is necessary to understand the education, the contexts in which it develops and the social and academic transformations that take place.

Thus, the different areas of knowledge related to the professorship training, and in particular with the Primary Education teacher, they represente an important field in the educational research; contributing with many publications and congresses to the production of scientific research linked to the teachers’ training. The Primary Education Degree Training, in which instructors, teachers and students, interact for the advance in the production of results that improve the educational system step by step. The results of the educational research immediately feed the teachers training process, which revolves into new higher order research available at the Faculty throughout the postgraduate master courses offer.