Objectives and compentences

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The general objectives of The Primary Education Teacher Training Degree (PETTD) are:

• To achieve a solid education for students. Aspects like the self-knowledge, the self-esteem, the aptitude to establish group relations, the solidary and democratic attitude, etc. in common with other Degrees and particularly important on this Degree of Primary Education Teacher Training Degree (PETTD).

• To qualify as a teacher to teach in a knowledge society, in the different areas and tasks, which involves, according to the White Book of Teaching (2005):

o To facilitate students interactions in order to guarantee their learning.

o To act as mediators in order to make learning meaningful for each student in a collaborative atmosphere.

o To design and organize disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects reaching out the society outside the school.

o Be capable of analyzing the context in the one that develops his activity and to plan it, giving response to a changeable society.

o To deliver tutoring functions, guidance and evaluation of students learning.

• To promote the critical and analytical spirit necessary to apply the knowledge acquired in different areas and professional contexts.

• To promote the respect to the fundamental rights and the equality of opportunities between genders, the principles of the equality of opportunities and universal accessibility of people affected by disabilities, and the proper values of a culture with peace and democratic values.


General Competencies

Specific competencies

Optional Elective competencies

The optional elective competencies are in the matters descriptive cards.